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Who we are

An all-Italian tradition


Our company has deep roots. For three generations, we have been devoting our time and passion to grant you the best quality of Italian food. Since the year 1997, we are based in Prague to try to spread our Italian culinary culture, selecting only the best Italian products and respecting the Italian traditions.

Following our mission, we provide new products to offer you the best quality every time. Due to our constant research of the best products, which pays attention to the raw materials and a continuous productive method, we are able to grant you the top quality.

We can offer you more than 3000 granted and certificated Italian products to let you live the true Italian taste. No compromises, quality or nothing.

We grant delivery throughout Prague within 24 hours, we dispatch 3 times a week to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our distribution service grants fast deliveries everywhere in Europe. We always use effective and controlled means of transport. Our goal is to give you the most efficient delivery service you expect.


Come to meet us there

Three years ago we opened the new logistic point; it aims at restaurateurs and private individuals. Thanks to our organization, you will receive the Italian taste directly at home and at your restaurants. We are always keen to help you and our team is always present in the purchasing process.

You just have to come and try.

Visit us in Prague!


There you can find thousands of Italian products. The best of the ’MADE IN ITALY” tradition is available for you, your families and your companies.
We are open from Monday to Saturday
from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Free entry registration is not required


We are open from Monday to Saturday
from 11:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.


Contact us for information and to receive a visit from one of our agents to start a collaboration together.

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Always at your service

Ernando Cortelazzi


Claudia Cortelazzi

Purchasing and Marketing Manager

Silvia Cortelazzi

Administrator and Sales Manager

Stefano Ghiro

Administrator and Head of Administration and Accounting

Alan Padovan

Restaurant Manager

Larry Chieregate

Store Manager

Elia Giarola

Responsible Sales Europe

Stefano Pogna

Sales Manager Europe and Czech Republic

Michele Freddo

Food Logistic & Service Manager and Commercial Food Agency

Katja Deskovska’

Customer Registration and Purchasing Officer

Lino Fornari

Manager of Supplier Administration and PR Manager

René Novotný

Head of the Accounting Department